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PHILOSOP is the largest internet e-mail list of professional philosophers in the world, with subscribers from a wide variety of countries and institutions, both big and small. PHILOSOP is run by István S. N. Berkeley of the Philosophy program and is based at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, in Lafayette, Louisiana USA.

Please direct all enquiries to the listowner and moderator, István Berkeley at


The purpose of PHILOSOP is to provide an easy, informal, and fast, way for people interested in academic Philosophy to exchange anything relevant that can be exchanged via the medium of e-mail, and, taking that as given, to keep reasonably large the ratio of utility to volume.

By academic Philosophy (or, anyway, its expression in the word) we mean, approximately, the kind of professional writing that is done by people studying (beyond the elementary level), or teaching, in university philosophy departments. Texts satisfying that criterion might be of many different kinds: work in progress, comments thereon, advertisements for conferences, newsletters, journals, or associations, job postings, announcements of other mailing lists and philosophically relevant WWW pages.

Terms of Use

Terms of usage for the PHILOSOP list are currently under development. Any comments, or suggestions would be gratefully received. Please send mail to István Berkeley, the List moderator. Until terms of usage are posted, please you common sense and in case of doubt, ask the list moderators opinion prior to posting. Please note however, regulations governing the machines which PHILOSOP runs upon specifically prohibit any use of the list for commercial purposes.

Important Commands

To subscribe

Send e-mail with a blank subject line to the PHILOSOP command address. This is The first line of the message should contain just the following command:

subscribe philosop

Please note: You must send this command from you own account (i.e. the one you usually mail from), otherwise you will not be able to make submissions to the list. Full information on the commands for using PHILOSOP will be mailed to you in acknowledgement of your new subscription.

To unsubscribe

Send e-mail with a blank subject line to The first line of the message should contain the command:

unsubscribe philosop

Note, you have to send e-mail from the address which is registered with the list in order for the command to be successful. If there are any problems with removing your subscription, the majordomo software which runs PHILOSOP will notify you.

Brief History

In September 1995 PHILOSOP moved from York University, where it was run by Nollaig McKenzie to The University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It was at this time that the server software changed to Majordomo. Also, István S. N. Berkeley took over the task of moderating the list. In September 1996, the list again moved, this time to its current location at The University of Southwestern Louisiana. The software and moderator have remained the same after this most recent move.

PHILOSOP's Useful Links for Philosophers
A meta resource of useful links for professional philosophers. This is currently under construction.

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